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January 11-15

Recording for Brilliant Classics with Mattia Ometto

LISZT Complete works for 2 pianos, including BEETHOVEN/LISZT Symphony no. 9 and 2 further CDs of original pieces.

March 26       

BEETHOVEN Concerto no. 5 in E flat major, opus 73, Orchestra of the Reform, Michael Cobb, Reform Club, London

[cancelled due to illnes]


April 18       

75th birthday recital, Wigmore Hall, London:

LISZT Première Ballade, S170

LISZT Deuxième Ballade, S171

LISZT Quatre Valses oubliées, S215 et Petite Valse, S695e

LISZT Der Todesengel, S190a

LISZT Andante religioso, S512a (first performance)

LISZT Variationen über das Motiv von J S Bach: ‘Weinen, Klagen’, S180

LISZT Rapsodies hongroises XVI, XVII, XVIII & XIX, S244/16-19


May 12 

Concert with Ludovico Troncanetti, Velletri, for piano four hands

MENDELSSOHN Andante and Variations, opus 83a

RUBINSTEIN Sonata, opus 89

LISZT Zwei Stücke aus Christus;

LISZT Sonnambula Fantaisie

May 13       

Concert w Ludovico Troncanetti, Naples, for piano four hands [as 12/5]


May 15       

Concert w Ludovico Troncanetti, Siena, for piano four hands [as 12/5]

May 19-21 

Jury member, Campobasso Competition

May 24

Concert, Reform Club, London, with Minsi Yang and Patrick Tapio Johnson

MENDELSSOHN Trio no. 1 in D minor, opus 49

MENDELSSOHN Trio no. 2 in C minor, opus 66

May 26       

Recital, Cranleigh Arts Centre [as 18/4/2023]


June 5         

Recital, Verona [as 18/4]

June 29-July 9         

Masterclasses, Schillingsfürst, and recital on 9/7  [as 18/4]

July 29

Recital for Piano Week at Rugby School [as 18/4]

July 31-August 6

Recital, Verona [as 18/4] [date t.b.c.]

August 13       

Recital, Paisajes Festival, Spain [as 18/4]


August 30

Recital, Perth, Wetern Australia [as 18/4]

October 4-8

Jury Member, Verona Competition

November 3-5     

Masterclasses, Rome

November 25

Liszt Society Annual Day: AGM, Recital and Competition, St Mary's Perivale

December 5

Recital with Michael Temporal Darell, Reform Club


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